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In everything that has been written on this blog for the past several months, one key factor continues to be the base of every idea. Relationships between us in the body of Christ is the defining factor in achieving unity. Maybe a better way to say that is that maintaining good and godly relationships with one another is the key to seeing ... || Read More

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“Then God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image…’” Genesis 1:26, emphasis added Can the church achieve Biblical unity? Of course. It just takes a reorientation of our own understandings of each other and how God works. Since God is our Creator, and we bear the image of our Creator, we are tasked to be like our Creator. In everything ... || Read More

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Our series this month is analyzing how we as the body of Christ can become more like the divine Trinity. When the Trinity went to work, they said, “Let us.” There was not a “let me” or an “I” in their intentions. There was only “us.” The body of Christ does not work that same way. Most of the time we find ourselves fragmented, ... || Read More


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