Chinese Promotional Video for Unity One


To make a multicultural worship conference and concert work, it’s important to advertise directly to the people we are targeting.

Unity One could have just gotten an English video and called it a day, but we took it a step further: we had the video translated into 4 other languages that the 2010 concert will focus on. One of these languages is Chinese.

Thank you to Wendy Liu of Lamb Music/Warrior Bride Worship Ministry for her assistance in helping with the translation.

The goal of Unity One is to worship as one. The beginning of multi-ethnic worship is understanding that our language makes up a large part of our cultural identity. To welcome the international body of Christ into Unity One, the Unity One Worship Concert Experience had to do something different. Hopefully, some of that difference has been accomplished with this promotional video.

UnityOne Worship

UnityOne Worship is a collective of worship leaders who are passionate about seeing the body of Christ worship as one.

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