A Brief Thought on Multi-Ethnic or Multi-Cultural Worship – Part 2

Mutlicultural Worship

Throughout planning for Unity One, team members were asked to briefly share some of their thoughts on multi-cultural and multi-ethnic worship; what they see it means and how it is plays out in the body of Christ.

For this post, we share an answer from Ms. Kari Holmes, who is the Director of Congregational & Development Support for Unity One.

Unity One: I would like to get some thoughts from you on multi-cultural worship and what excites you about the Unity One concert coming up in November?

Kari Holmes: Heaven! Heaven! Heaven! When we worship as one across cultural boundaries, we recreate the sound of heaven, crying Holy Holy Holy is the Lamb

Corporate, multi-cultural worship…sounds like Heaven.

Fellowship and relationship though worship is an invitation I would not want to miss!

After leaving an atmosphere of worship in God’s presence with all of God’s people…anything is possible!

Truly, that is what Unity One is about. Not only are we preparing for Heaven, where we will worship our Lamb and Savior together, but also preparing for what He has called us to complete here in this earth as one body, unified by One, unified in Him.

We are excited to see what God will continue to do in congregations as they take this vision of multiethnic worship with them to their churches and begin to share it.

UnityOne Worship

UnityOne Worship is a collective of worship leaders who are passionate about seeing the body of Christ worship as one.

1 thought on “A Brief Thought on Multi-Ethnic or Multi-Cultural Worship – Part 2

  1. This UNITY ONE project has truly represented UNITY from the first rehearsal through the 4th (today 11/8) the spirit of UNITY RE-SOUNDS !! Although we are representing different churches ~Although we are of different denominations ~Although we represent every color of dirt God used to mold man ~Although we come from different backgrounds ~and ~cultures ~and family tradtions THE LOVE OF CHRIST is the UNITY ONE that Knits Us SoOoOooo Intricately TOGETHER !! And OVER THE TOP IS the Deaf and Hearing Impaired will be able to experience the “SOUND” of Praise and Worship through Sign Language Interpretation!!!! ON 11/13/2010 THE DEAF WILL HEAR from Heaven Because of UNITY ONE !!!!!! God Bless You Kimberly Holmes for saying Yes to God and Yes to my plea !!! PEOPLE GET READY FOR UNITY ONE A MULTI-LIFECHANGING MULTI-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE COMING TO A NATION NEAR YOU !!!!!

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