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A multiethnic worship concert held in various locations, Unity One seeks to engage Christ followers from all ethnic backgrounds. It began over 10 years ago as a vision to have a true, multicultural worship experience: the people of God, worshipping Him as one.

Unity One worship concert experiences and conference is a marked time of worship to engage in making the prayer that Jesus prayed in John 17 a reality. Here are three reasons why the Unity One Worship concert is for you.

  • The Unity One Worship Concert is a worship experience that will change what you know about worship.
  • The Unity One Worship Concert is an experience in cultural diversity that will engage and empower you as a believer…with other believers…with God and man.
  • The Unity One Worship Concert is an engagement with one another, not just to tolerate one another, or be patient with one another but truly engage one another in the Spirit of unity that makes us one.

The Unity One Worship Concert focus is cultural diversity in a corporate atmosphere of worship. This is churches coming together yet so much more powerful than another gathering. At Unity One the songs are purposely in different languages, yet you will recognize and resonate in Spirit and in Truth, the worship of the living God. The Unity One Concert focus is worship so powerful and so sweet you will experience what it is for the church to dwell together in unity. You will experience being a global family. You will experience how good and how pleasant it is to be one family in the Living God. You will experience God being pleased with His children.

A change of the atmosphere is what we hope to see happen through Unity One. A residue of our corporate praise and adoration that changes the minds and hearts of the people and leaves the houses of worship prepared for the Holy Spirit and hosts of heaven to rest in that same house again.

Come, from wherever you are…come to The Unity One Worship Concert Experience. You will not go home the same.

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