Asher Effect

Social Justice

According to the Scripture, Asher was one of the sons of Israel who was blessed to possess material goods; what would equate to modern day wealth. His name meant, “happy,” or “blessing”. According to scholarship in the classical rabbinical tradition, Asher also was a seeker of unity and one who consistently sought reconciliation between his brother.

With these ideas in mind, UnityOne conceptualized a program called the Asher Effect: a program to enable servants leaders the foundation needed to succeed through a three month entrepreneurial and business advisership with top thought and Christian leaders in the region. For each advisee, the program focuses on three things:

  • Shared resources and ideas through a person-to-person leadership training.
  • Advisership on effective social impact
  • Creating and executing a sustainable entrepreneurial program

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UnityOne Worship

UnityOne Worship is a collective of worship leaders who are passionate about seeing the body of Christ worship as one.

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