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Simple Ways to Create a Multicultural Worship Service

For way too long, creating a diverse church was not a priority in most Christian worship communities or denominations. Even when we knew it should be. Even when we looked back at the history of some of the greatest theologians, prophets, and teachers from the Christian faith proclaiming the need for unity and oneness. Even […]

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Multicultural Worship Experience New Jersey UnityOne

UnityOne Multicultural Worship Experience

A passion for music and a platform for praise. To worship, to reconcile, to unity.   Converge Church 802 N Lenola Rd Moorestown, NJ 08057   A multiethnic, multi-lingual worship concert experience that you won’t want to miss! Imagine: worshippers gather in anticipation and witness firsthand a multicultural group of singers lifting their voices in […]

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How To Handle Opposition To Multiculturalism In Church

Opposition to diversity in church worship is unavoidable. There will always be those who don’t want to see change occur in your church. Most of the time, those who oppose multiculturalism in church do so out of fear of change rather than any sort of deep racism, but concerns about race can always be a […]

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