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Join with over 50 regional churches for a time of extravagant worship as one body with songs from around the world.


 Are you longing for a time of corporate worship where Christ is front & center?

Do you want to worship God without limits? 

Are you ready to take the barriers off of worship?


UnityOne Multicultural Worship Concert Experience

To get tickets, go to www.unifiedbyone.com/tickets or click here.

This is not simply another event.

The purpose is be one, as Jesus prayed, in John 17.

 The UnityOne Worship Concert Experience focuses on ethnic diversity in a corporate atmosphere of worship. This is churches coming together for one purpose; united as the body of Christ and worshipping in different languages under one roof.

At UnityOne the focus is worship so powerful and so sweet you will

  • experience what it is for the church to dwell together in unity.
  • hear how good and how pleasant it is to be one family in the Living God.
  • feel God being pleased with His children.

Come, from wherever you are … come to worship God with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

You will not go home the same.

UnityOne is free of charge; however, your donation would help to support

  • UnityOne Multicultural Worship Experiences
  • Asher Effect – Enable servant leaders the foundation needed to succeed through a three month entrepreneurial and business mentorship with top thought and Christian leaders in the region.

This years’ songs come from India, China, North America, Russia, Latin America, and more. You will definitely want to join us on November 11th, 2011 for this dynamic worship concert.

Unity One 2011 will be an amazing time of worship. The diversity of languages, the unity in worship … you will want to be there. We look forward to God visiting us again in a powerful way on November 11th, 2011 at the next Unity One Worship Experience.

Unity One is a free event, but registration is requested.
There has been a sweet time of fellowship and worship during the Unity One rehearsals. We look forward to worshipping with many churches for the Unity One anniversary worship concert experience on November 11th, 2011.
Tickets for Unity One are free, so get your tickets today!
(If you would like to make a donation to Unity One, you can do so by clicking here)

This years’ songs come from India, China, North America, Russia, Latin America, and more. You will definitely want to join us on November 11th, 2011 for this dynamic worship concert.


::Keeping up with Unity One::

You can find Unity One on YouTubeTwitter, VimeoFacebook, and MySpace as unityoneonline.
Also, you can sign up for the Unity One mailing list by clicking here.

A pre-launch & listening party! You and your guests are invited for an afternoon of appetizers, networking and entertainment as we present a portion of our 2011/2012 program and raise funds for Unity One, a multiethnic training ground and visual model for international worship music. Appetizers will be served!

This event will serve as the kick-off for Unity One 2011, which
will be held on 11/11/11 (Veterans Day)!

What This Pre-Launch is for

The event is to grow support Unity One’s multiethnic training programs, international worship concerts and social justice outreach initiatives.

You will hear and see some of what the next Unity One worship concert will look like, as well as what we will be presenting at our Multiethnic Worship & Cultural Workshop in November.

Tickets are free! Love offerings are welcome. Get them at:

What You’ll Receive

At this event, you will…


  • Get a preview of the Unity One songs for the Unity One Worship Concert Experience on 11/11/11.
  • Learn more about our multiethnic training programs for churches and ministries, our international worship concerts, as well as our social justice outreach initiatives and how we will be moving forward in 2012.


Join us for appetizers, giveaways and the opportunity to network
with local worship leaders, pastors, vocalists & musicians!


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