Don’t Give Up: The Final Step In Seeking Diversity Outside of the Church Walls


We’ve walked through a few ideas to take initiative as a Christian and find diversity outside of one’s local church walls. We’ve discussed being present, acting immediately, and seeking out diversity. Finally, we’re going to discuss the hardest aspect of seeking diversity outside of the church walls: not giving up.

You see, the other three ideas are easy when compared to this one. Once we finally acknowledge the diversity around us and act on a plan of interacting with that diversity, we must not think that’s the end of it and move on.

Rather, the point of finding diversity outside of the church walls is to create relationships with those who are culturally different from you. Most of our current relationships are made up of people who look or act just like us. There’s little to no diversity in our daily lives.

So we are taking initiative to create these relationships. We are intentional with who we choose to talk to and create a relationship with that person.

Every relationship needs time and effort to keep it running. These new relationships are even more susceptible to failing if we give up and don’t continue to interact with them.

We cannot give up on our relationships with others.

We sought them out and took the initiative to spark the relationship. We must not give up on the bond that is forming. God lives in relationships between humans if he is invited. Invite the Holy Spirit to continue speaking into that relationship as you continue to serve God by loving your neighbor.

The easy road is laziness. The hard road is intentionality. Which road will you choose?

Take the time now to listen to this multicultural worship song from Proskuneo Ministries and pray for help. We all need it. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide your relationships. We’ll all be better for it.

Steve Dragswolf

Hi, my name is Steve Dragswolf. I am Hidatsa born in North Dakota and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My heart is for the indigenous of the Americas. I am passionate about literacy and native culture. Connect @dragswolf

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