God’s Desire For Multi-Cultural Worship

Mutlicultural Worship

Many churches are trying to figure out multi-cultural services as they are watching the demographics of their cities and town shift. The music has changed. Edgier sounds and “prolific” songs have replaced the hymns and traditions we once knew are being replaced by new ideas to open the doors to a wider community of believers. At the same time, church-goers are seeking opportunities to present their cultural style of worship, but join with and learn from others at the same time. This crossroads appears to be a general nudging asking the church to move from its separation to a movement of purpose-filled, unified worship. A worship that not only crosses cultural boundaries, but mixes them to present a wave to God of all of His creation sending up praise.

There’s a sound in multi-cultural worship that God longs to hear. He longs to hear it, the way a jogger seeks water during a marathon in 90 degree weather. He’s not looking for cultural tolerance or patience of our diverse worship style—He is looking for participation. For God to inhabit our praise, as the saying goes, we must take a step beyond ourselves to a new place. A place where we are expecting a dramatic view of His presence because we have chosen to worship together. That place in worship is a place where He dwells continually. In that place, what matters is unity.

When we worship in unity as one, the rest falls away. We begin to see that yes, we have similarities; but how beautiful are our differences. Even more beautiful are those differences when I can say “God is good” in my language and someone else replies “all the time” in their language. It’s in those times that God smiles at us. His desire is that we worship together.

Jesus prayed for us to be one. Let’s get started.

UnityOne Worship

UnityOne Worship is a collective of worship leaders who are passionate about seeing the body of Christ worship as one.

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