How Do I Establish Unity In My Church? The Divine Us


Our series on the “Divine Us” seeks to analyze questions which surround the idea of unity between the body of Christians. As believers united around Christ, we sure struggle with maintaining unity across cultural and racial lines. We may not have anything against another race or culture, but we often find ourselves isolated from other believers who are different than us.

If you haven’t, read the last two blog posts on the church and segregation.

Once we’ve come to terms with the idea that segregation inhibits unity, we can start looking deeper into the idea of how to establish unity in our churches.

Relationship is key to unity. When we are friends, when we are brothers and sisters, we find that unity occurs somewhat naturally. When we keep from deepening our relationships with one another in the body of Christ, we usually find ourselves unified in nothing more than belief. That is, there is no action to our unity and we only really pay lip-service to the unity that Christ calls us to.

So, how do we establish unity in our churches?

We establish relationships.

How do we desegregate our churches?

We establish relationships.

How do we bring two churches with denominational differences together?

We establish relationships.

How do we become like the “Divine Us?”

We establish relationships.

Relationships are key to everything we do as believers in Christ. The Trinity is in a perfect relationship as they work towards the will of the Father in unity. We are to become unified in the same way.

Force never accomplishes unity. Telling people they have to be unified will accomplish nothing. However, showing people how to love one another well and what relationship truly looks like will show people what relational unity is.

Spend some time considering what Christ-like relationships look like and how those relationships bring unity. Then return here and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Steve Dragswolf

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