How Do You Witness: How Witnessing Unites Us Part 4


Witnessing, or evangelizing, or sharing your faith can be hard. In addition to that, it can be terrifying.

We’ve seen how the early church united around witnessing in hopes of fulfilling the great commission. We’ve also seen how the early church’s witnessing was key in establishing a multiethnic and multicultural worship experience in the church.

Christ’s call to love others as we love ourselves involves us taking steps to witness to unbelievers. Some may have an aversion to witnessing, but Christians cannot deny that witnessing is essential to the faith.

However, witnessing doesn’t have to be hard or terrifying. We can place a lot of pressure on the act of sharing our faith that keeps us from doing so.

Instead of freaking out about it, we should see witnessing as creating relationships. That is, instead of thinking of witnessing as standing on a corner with a bull horn or ambushing people as they walk the mall with the good news of Christ, we can take simple steps to create friendships that will then open the doors for us to witness in deed and in word.

Most of the time, we cannot effectively speak life into another person without first establishing a relationship. The disciples showed us that relationship is key. Sometimes people changed from just hearing the word of testimony from the disciples. Most of the time, those that accepted belief in Christ were those who were already engaging with the disciples.

When we witness, let’s consider becoming friends with all. For it is in that friendship that we will become effective witnesses for Christ and help usher in a unity of believers under Christ.

What are your thoughts concerning witnessing? How do you witness to others? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Dragswolf

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