The Love Series: Love Like Christ Loves


We’re taking this month to explore the themes of social justice and love. Both of these concepts are instrumental to working towards a multicultural worship experience, so we’re walking through what it means to love God and others as ourselves (Matthew 22:37–39).

Let’s start with the question: How do I love like Christ loves?

At face value it seems impossible and, in fact, it is impossible to love exactly like God loves. We’ll never reach that perfected love that God loves us with, but we need to try.

The lack of love has wreaked havoc among humanity. This month is Black History Month where we remember the struggles of those in the Civil Rights Movement, among others, who fought to be considered human.

Think about that. There was a point in time that some people were not considered human because of the color of their skin alone. A lack of love led to racial prejudice.

When we love like Christ loves, we are better able to accept those who are culturally and ethnically different from us which leads to a great gathering of mutlicultural worship. So how do we love like Christ loves?

The key to understanding Christ better is to spend time with him. Pray and ask for a glimpse of his heart for unity among cultures and ethnicities. Seek God’s will so you can better align yourself with his purposes. Find that the Holy Spirit is a good helper who is with you always.

These are only beginning steps in learning to love like Christ loves. When we read the gospels, we find that Christ did all three. Then, once he was done spending time with God, he acted and he loved.

Spend some time now with God in prayer. Write down some thoughts you feel he gives you. Then come back here to join the conversation. We cannot love like God loves while in a personal vacuum. We must work together and talk about what we’re learning. Do that here.

Let this song from Proskuneo Ministries help you better understand God’s love for you and others.

Steve Dragswolf

Hi, my name is Steve Dragswolf. I am Hidatsa born in North Dakota and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My heart is for the indigenous of the Americas. I am passionate about literacy and native culture. Connect @dragswolf

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