june 2020 multicultural worship song list created by unityone

Multicultural Worship Song List (June 2020)

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If you’ve been to a UnityOne Multicultural Worship Experience or seen UnityOne live, you know that one of the things we love to do is introduce people to worship songs & ministries that may not otherwise come across their radar.

For June of 2020, we created a worship song list based on songs that people on the UnityOne team have been listening to in their own times of devotion.

This list that is offered here is to show you how some of the ministries listed on the 20 Places to Find Diverse Worship Songs list can be integrated into a worship set for your church.

Will this work for my church?

You may be wondering how songs from different languages can work in a church environment where some of these languages are not spoken as predominately as other languages.

The key here is understanding the music creates a bridge that, when paired with words and actions, shifts people into a mode of ready; ready to try something new, ready to be at the table of unity, ready to worship.

Multicultural worship songs can work in your church and it can be a beautiful, unifying process for your team, staff, and congregation; but you have to start somewhere. That is why this multicultural worship list is available to you.

june 2020 multicultural worship song list created by unityone

Use this song list as a point of reference as you create others that you feel will also work for your congregation.

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Kimberly Holmes

Hi, my name is Kimberly Holmes. I am the founder and director of UnityOne. My heart is for seeing God glorified through multi-ethnic worship. I am passionate about diversity, education, and music.

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