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Multicultural Worship’s Place in the Pandemic

Cultural Unity

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most interesting times to be a Christian in history. People who may have never walked into a church have been able to sample it through online church services, devotionals, and stay-at-home concerts. One of the lessons that we can learn from the pandemic is that Christians around the world are more alike than they are different. Yet, the pandemic has also brought challenges to the body of Christ by letting us realize that there are ethnic differences that must be explored.

Are You Walking on Water?

Stop for a moment and consider the New Testament passage where Peter walks on water. The storm that the disciples had been battling against all night can be compared to the coronavirus epidemic. If you tell this story, without any historical context, then each ethnic group is going to picture the type of boat that is most familiar to them:

  • Americans might picture a luxury yacht
  • Vietnamese might picture a dragon boat
  • Indonesians might picture a jukung
  • Native Americans might picture a canoe
  • Kuwaitis might picture a reed boat

Lessons for the Church

Regardless of the type of boat that a person pictures, there are some lessons we can learn from Peter attempting to walk on water that the church needs to apply today collectively and individually.

Give Praise to Jesus

First, the disciples cried out to Jesus. One way that we can cry out is through the songs that we sing. Remember that Satan’s servants cannot stay where God’s people, like the disciples, in the boat, are praising God. Sign up for the multicultural worship music pdf to get multi-ethnic worship songs.

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Peter was able to walk on water when he kept his eyes on Jesus. We have the power to bring together different ethnic groups within the church if we keep our eyes on Jesus. When world leaders work together during this pandemic, then lives can be saved, and the strong global economy will become stronger than ever. The diverse church will also come out stronger when each Christian plays their role in creating multicultural worship experiences. When we keep our eyes on Jesus through multicultural worship, then we can discuss race in the church in a way where each Christian can do their job.

Play Your Role

Just like the disciples in the boat came from diverse backgrounds, Christians must be willing to work towards the end goal of the creating a unity that is stronger than blood that we can experience that is only possible through Christ. It is only then that evangelism reaches everyone. The message behind evangelism must be that we have the only savior who can bring us through racial diversity.

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