Our New Identities Lead To Better Worship


Viewing yourself through God’s lens leads to a better relationship with Him. This view leads to better worship and to better interactions with neighbors (which leads to a better multicultural worship experience).

When we align ourselves with God’s identity for us, we are saying we are submitted to Him and are choosing to believe God’s word above everything and anything else. In doing so, we are choosing to believe the truth about us and the world.

We cannot see the truth for what it is when we are steeped in sin. Therefore, we end up believing the lies that bombard us from every angle about who we and the world are.

When we step into Christ’s reality for our lives, we step into a better relationship with Christ.

It’s a simple concept that can be somewhat difficult to work out in reality. It takes a heavy reliance on the Holy Spirit to help us to stop believing the lies and to start seeing the truth.

When we are seeking to define our identity outside of our Creator’s intended purpose for us, we are working off of a wrong construct for our lives. We try to identify with whom we’re hanging out with, with our entertainment goals, or with our worldly successes. All of these leave us ultimately feeling empty because they are not our created design.

Seeking out a wrong identity–an identity that doesn’t focus on Christ as identity-giver–is like putting spaghetti sauce in place of laundry detergent when you’re doing laundry. The spaghetti sauce will work like laundry detergent, as far as spreading over all your clothes, but it doesn’t serve the purpose of laundry detergent. Your clothes will never get clean because the created design of the laundry isn’t meant to use spaghetti sauce to clean your clothes.

Likewise, our relationship with God enters its true intimacy when we enter into a true understanding of who we are in Christ and who we were created to be. We will then be walking in the way we were designed. Join me in striving to be one who seeks to walk in our true design and not a false one. Read over this month’s posts on identity and get in touch with us if you want learn more about identity and worship.

Steve Dragswolf

Hi, my name is Steve Dragswolf. I am Hidatsa born in North Dakota and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My heart is for the indigenous of the Americas. I am passionate about literacy and native culture. Connect @dragswolf

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