Seek Out Diversity: Steps to Finding Diversity Outside of the Church Walls


We humans are creatures of habit. We like what we like and dislike what we dislike. The older we get, the harder it is to allow change in our lives.

This is why it’s so hard to seek diversity either in a physical church or outside of the church walls.

We love the homeostatic lifestyle we’ve set up, and we never want to disrupt that comfort.

However, our comfort begins taking a back seat once we open our eyes to the diversity around us. Once we acknowledge the diversity in culture through the people around us, we can’t help but interact.

But what if we aren’t around people that much different than us? What if we work from home or work at a church or live life with people who are just like us? Do we simply not have an opportunity to experience diversity?

Similar to the last step of not waiting by taking immediate by action, this step requires some comfort-zone breaking.

That is; we must seek out diversity if we don’t experience diversity of cultures in our everyday life.

One easy way to do this is to think of the one thing or people you’d never talk to, and then go and talk to them. Of course, bear wisdom in mind, yet we shouldn’t allow fear to keep us from spreading God’s love and experiencing diversity in the church.

Here are some ideas for finding diversity and stepping out of our comfort zones:

1. If you don’t like the elderly, start by volunteering at an assisted living home.
2. Do the same for the mentally handicapped or other disabled people.
3. Bring food to a homeless community in your city.
4. Smile and say, “Hello” to a youth you think is in a gang.
5. Visit a cultural center for a culture unlike yours and get to know some people.

These are simple ways to seek out diversity in your local context. What other ways do you know of to seek diversity? Share them below in the comments.

Steve Dragswolf

Hi, my name is Steve Dragswolf. I am Hidatsa born in North Dakota and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My heart is for the indigenous of the Americas. I am passionate about literacy and native culture. Connect @dragswolf

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