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Simple Ways to Create a Multicultural Worship Service

Church diversity

For way too long, creating a diverse church was not a priority in most Christian worship communities or denominations.

Even when we knew it should be.

Even when we looked back at the history of some of the greatest theologians, prophets, and teachers from the Christian faith proclaiming the need for unity and oneness.

Even when they reminded us that Jesus prayed for it–we still didn’t make it a priority.

Multicultural worship was simply an afterthought for most. However, if you’re a believer in Christ, inclusivity must be at the forefront of your goals in your Church.

Race in the church is often
seen as an iffy subject

especially with the state the country is in. However, having these conversations is the only way to surpass any and all political issues.

If our focus is really unity, we need to focus first on the unity of our faith and the beauty in the diverse body of Christ to even be able to have civil conversations of understanding culture-at-large.

That unity should be
• Relational
• Personal
• Substantive

It begins by creating an atmosphere of multicultural worship … and that should begin in your church.

Simple Ways to Create a Multicultural Worship Service



1) Use a Diverse Style of Music

One of the best ways to implement and create a more diverse church is by adding variation to music.

Multicultural worship music should never just cater to one audience of people.

Diverse church music not only will bring in more people to your service but will also open your current members’ minds to all the beautiful songs for Christ they never heard before.

Not sure where to find multicultural worship music?

Click here for a free download of 20 places that create songs for multicultural worship communities.

2) Create Conversations & Community

Another great way to create more diversity is to have weekly conversations about what race in the church means for your members.

Conversing about differences while sharing the commonalities of one another will create a connection that you never thought was possible.

When you’re able to ask the tough questions to your members and get them to think about topics like this, you will really bring out the best in them.

Bottom line …

Multicultural worship will not only strengthen your reach but will also bring more harmony amidst all the chaos in the world.

Bringing people together it what Christ is all about, and if you’re able to successfully bring all citizens from different ethnic backgrounds together, that in itself is a work of God.

Don’t wait to pursue multicultural worship. You will not regret your decision in the long run.

Kimberly Holmes

Hi, my name is Kimberly Holmes. I am the founder and director of UnityOne. My heart is for seeing God glorified through multi-ethnic worship. I am passionate about diversity, education, and music.

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