Vision and Mission

About Unity One | Statement of Faith


Unity One’s mission and motto is, “that we may be one.” In addition to encouraging diverse ethnic representation within Christian churches, Unity One seeks to empower and serve:

  • Pastors & worship leaders by providing them with resources and a visible model of how to authentically implement multicultural worship music into their churches.
  • As an additive to current contemporary worship services and concerts.
  • Families by offering a platform for communication that bridges the gap between former generations (parents) and later generation (youth).
  • The Christian community at large, by raising awareness of critical social justice issues affecting the global church.


The immediate vision is to Christian create worship concert experiences and conferences that are focused on ethnic diversity in illustration and language.

The ultimate vision for Unity One is “Worship as One,” envisioning a future when our concert experiences and conferences represent a movement of innovative, creative artistry for an array of ethnicities that affects social communities as well as Christian culture.

Why Multicultural Worship?

Biblically: Throughout the Scriptures, there are representations of multiethnic worship. Micah 4 shows cultural unity at the house of the Lord, in John 17 Jesus prays for unity between those in the body, and in the book of Revelation there are numerous accounts of people from every nation worshipping God at His throne.

Socially/Denominationally: To effectively influence culture, we must show that we understand that ethnic diversity is from God, show respect for those of an ethnic background different from ourselves, and allow them a place at the table of Christian fellowship equal to our own.

What Unity One Offers

Christian worship concert experiences: interactive and multilingual concerts focusing on international worship music and Christian unification.

Multicultural worship training: specializing in sound, diction, pronunciation, and critical cultural thinking.

Social justice outreach: assist programs within the U.S. and overseas to help with educational goals and natural disasters, acknowledging the last commandment Jesus gave to His disciples.

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