What Is Your Identity?


After defining both a worldly system of identity and a godly system, take an honest appraisal of where you are.

Do you seek your identity from the world? Or do you seek your identity from God?

What we prioritize in our lives reveals our identity. Do we seek the exaltation of man or God?

Who are we trying to please?

What we believe about ourselves is also a part of our identity.

Do we believe that we are grossly imperfect? Do we believe that we are grossly perfect? The pendulum swings far in either direction.

Establishing a godly identity is difficult to do and impossible without the help of the Holy Spirit. Because to do so means that we are to have a near-overhaul of how we think about ourselves and others.

It’s easy in our Western culture to fall into the traps of how our culture defines our identity. We are either a part of the “in” crowd or the “out” crowd. We are either accepted or we are not. Cultural stigmas, priorities, and beliefs will keep all people oppressed. And the worst part is that our culture changes at rapid paces. What’s cool this month may not be the next. It’s a never-ending cycle of trying to stay ahead of the curve.

When we are stuck trying to maintain our worldly identity over our godly one, we find ourselves trying to serve two masters (Mt. 6:24). When we try–and fail–to serve both, our worship is hindered.

Now, this doesn’t mean we have to worship God only in sackcloth and ashes. One can still be trendy and prioritize their identity in Christ. The point here is that we can truly serve and worship only one master.

Who are you worshipping? Only you can say for sure.

Take some time now to better understand the identity that you are seeking. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or desire to have a multicultural worship experience in your church.

Steve Dragswolf

Hi, my name is Steve Dragswolf. I am Hidatsa born in North Dakota and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My heart is for the indigenous of the Americas. I am passionate about literacy and native culture. Connect @dragswolf

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