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Where to Find Diverse Multicultural Worship Songs


Is your church or ministry looking for fresh, diverse multicultural worship songs that are Christ-focused?
Does your church celebrate Missions Sunday or have a multicultural aspect to it?
Do you want to move your church from monocultural to multicultural, but aren’t sure where to start?

If one or more of these is a resounding “yes” for you on where your church is now, then I want to tell you about a guide that I’ve created specifically for leaders and ministers working in or moving towards a multi-ethnic ministry context.

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20 Places to Find Diverse Worship Music.

Listen, we all love lists like the CCLI Top 100 & Top 40 and the many conveniences they bring (thanks, ProPresenter).

As much as we enjoy it, it has its blind spots,
and your congregation notices.

Diversity is not something you can easily find within the hierarchy of those lists. Generally, the songs listed there are ones that we love, but they are from a very specific cultural come-from.

Diversity is more than just Black
people in a white church.

diverse multicultural worship celebration

Celebrating multicultural unity is more than just the chorus of an English song sung in Spanish sandwiched between three other English songs.

Diversity in the Christian context is about opening the table of unity and seeing culture as a blessing from God, given by Him, to celebrate who He is as Creator God.

One way to do that in your congregation is by including more diverse worship songs.

Where to Find Diverse Multicultural Worship Songs

The guide I’ve created is a resource to help you to discover songs that your congregation will love that represent the global body of Christ.

Click here to download my guide
20 Places to Find Diverse Worship Music.

If you’ve been thinking about multicultural ministry for a while, but aren’t sure how to introduce your congregation the idea of singing in other languages, this guide is the perfect place to start.

Not only does it provide you with 20 ministries creating diverse worship music, but it also gives ideas on how to incorporate those songs into your current worship set lists and also how to best introduce your congregation to the songs so they’re ready to participate and sing with you.

Again, you can get the guide here –> 20 Places to Find Diverse Worship Music.

Kimberly Holmes

Hi, my name is Kimberly Holmes. I am the founder and director of UnityOne. My heart is for seeing God glorified through multi-ethnic worship. I am passionate about diversity, education, and music.